History –The derelict building at 418 Elm Avenue, the first Pipkin drug store in Waco was in East Waco. Later it was converted to become a segregated cinema has been empty for many years, but with good bones, creative thinking, and green space next door will have a new community life. The space will be a venue for programs like classic movies nights, lectures, creating art, showing art, dance, poetry, music and just spending time together in a safe environment where we respect and engage in the arts together celebrating community.

Mission : To bring people together through the arts

The Experience – to come

ARTPLACE an upcycled Arts Hub at 418 Elm Avenue Waco TX 76704

The new home of Cultural Arts of Waco!

ArtPlace will be a community arts hub focusing on arts education for youth, community arts, music, film workshops, and events with a public art space.

ArtPlace will be a key part of the resurgence of Elm Avenue, using the arts to make a more livable community through this extraordinary multi-cultural experience.

Authentic, Inspiring, Focused, Easy to adapt, Instructive

Desiged by Lo-tek: Architects Guiseppe Lignano and Ada Tolla

What can happen in this adaptable space




Spoken word



Learning Lab  Maker space  - mobile


New side entrance


Arts Store


PLEASE HELP CREATE ARTPLACE to make a donation or you need more information

Contact Doreen Ravenscroft @ 254 723-6830

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