The Central Texas African American Heritage Foundation

Mission:  to foster awareness of African American cultural heritage in Central Texas through interactive programming and educational experiences


The Road to the Promised Land: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement March 4th –March 18th West Waco Library, Bosque Blvd., Waco

The Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to the 1980s changed the face of the nation, laying the groundwork for crusades by other minorities to claim their rights. The efforts to achieve equality produced a revolutionary social impact. This exhibition illustrates the movement’s enduring significance by focusing on the people and the events that made it possible. Exhibition Featuring photographs, facsimiles of landmark documents, and quotations by Dr. King and others engaged in the struggle for civil rights, The Road to the Promised Land: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement surveys the Civil Rights Movement from the emergence of Martin Luther King Jr. as a civil rights leader in the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955 through the 1990s.

 Exhibition Information – Civil Rights Movement (Word document)